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When it comes to our vehicles there is one thing – or rather four things – that we can often take for granted, which is our tires. They are the first and only contact with the road and let’s face it, you have a lot riding on your tires. The safety of your most precious cargo depends on good tires, which is why it’s important to take care of them. Premier Hyundai of Seaside has certified service experts that will handle all your tire needs.


Alignment and Balance

When it comes to tire maintenance, there are several things to consider like wheel alignment and balance. Your wheel alignment is crucial to the life of your tires. If wheel alignment is off, it can cause uneven wear on your tires and the handling of your vehicle can be affected. Your tires and wheels are balanced at the factory, but in time your tires can become misaligned from regular use, or because you get a flat or you bump in to curb too hard.

If a tire is out of balance, it can affect the smoothness of your ride and can shorten the life of your tires. You may have a balance issue if you feel a vibration when driving on a smooth road.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is another area of concern when maintaining your vehicle. Most vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with a sensor that warns you if your tire pressure is low. Many of the more recent models not only warn you of low pressure (a drop of 25% pressure or more), but they also tell you which tire is low. You need to have tires checked for proper inflation, but you will also want to check to make sure that your TPMS is functioning correctly. Our team knows how to inspect the system and your tires to make sure that everything is still doing its job the right way.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is a great way to balance wear on the tires and make sure that your tires have a longer lifespan. Tire rotation means you move the tires to a different position on your vehicle. All of this is done because in some vehicles, wear may be more prevalent in one position and this evens out the wear.

Tire wear can also happen for a lot of reasons, such as your driving style, tire maintenance habits, poor tire balance, and alignment issues. Schedule tire maintenance services to make sure you are safe as you drive around Salinas, Monterey, and Seaside.

Schedule Your Appointment

So, if you believe you need tire service because something is wrong with your tires, or maybe you have never had tire service on your tires, call or go to our website at Premier Hyundai of Seaside to set up an appointment. Our certified technicians will inspect your tires and advise you if they believe you have problems or if it is time to get new tires. Remember you have a lot riding on your tires, so let us help you keep them in good shape to stay safe and get the most value for your money.