Suspension Service at Premier Hyundai of Seaside

Keeping your Hyundai vehicle’s suspension system in optimal condition is not only important for a smooth ride but for safety as well. This system includes two necessary components that serve separate but equal roles – shocks and struts. Both are important but unique in their jobs.

Shocks and struts are designed to hold up well to normal wear and tear. They can last for a long time, 50,000 miles or even twice that in many cases. When it’s time for repair, you can get the job done quickly and correctly at Premier Hyundai of Seaside.

The Importance of Good Shocks

Shocks are also referred to as shock absorbers and provide an accurate description for what they do. Their job is to absorb the impact of hitting a bump in the road to keep the vehicle stable. They use a spring action to provide resistance against the bump. Shocks are made up of a rod that is filled with either nitrogen gas or hydraulic fluid, depending on the model of vehicle and the year it was made.

The Importance of Struts

Struts are another critical part of suspension systems. They hold coil springs that you see on the majority of modern systems. They help prevent impact from hitting bumps or potholes. Hyundai uses MacPherson struts to connect the shocks, spring insulators and steering links to the frame of the vehicle for a completely balanced wheel system.

How to Know When It’s Time for Replacement

You will notice a difference in how your vehicle handles and feels when the shocks and struts are worn. You will feel the bumps in the road more, making for an uncomfortable ride – especially on poor-quality roads. The vehicle will also bounce more, sway, or move off to one side. You may experience vibrations in the steering wheel as you drive. If you don’t get these parts replaced, it could become a safety risk for you and your passengers.

Get Your Shocks and Struts Replaced in Seaside

If you’re a DIYer who knows how to replace your struts and shocks, you can get quality OEM parts from Premier Hyundai of Seaside. However, you can also trust the experienced technicians in our service department for a quick repair. Just schedule a service appointment to get this job taken care of. We are ready and able to help you keep your Hyundai vehicle in top running condition.

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