Spark Plug Service in Seaside, CA

Car Spark Plug Service Near Seaside, CA

Spark Plug Service & Replacement at Premier Hyundai of Seaside

If you have been having trouble starting your car or it is misfiring upon acceleration, perhaps it is time to replace your spark plugs. If you think that you need some service on your vehicle and you live in Seaside, Salinas, or Monterey, stop by Premier Hyundai of Seaside, and let us have a look at your spark plugs.

Reasons for Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an important part of your vehicle’s ignition system. The reason your vehicle has spark plugs is to fire up your engine and keep it running. They use high voltage electricity from your engine coil to create the sparks that are needed to ignite your engine. The sparks that come from the plugs ignite the air and gasoline mix to start your car. Eventually, they wear out and your vehicle’s function will be affected.

How Frequently Must They Be Changed?

There are several factors that can influence the longevity of your spark plugs. High-speed driving and fluid leaks can cause a plug to go bad earlier than it should, but under normal conditions, it is recommended to have them replaced at 30,000, 60,000, or 100,000 intervals. The best rule of thumb is to check your owner’s manual, which has time frames based on your model’s equipment. There are circumstances that may influence when replacement is needed, but there are some signs that tell you it’s time for spark plug service.

  • Your vehicle fails a state emissions test.
  • You have problems getting your vehicle to start.
  • You notice your fuel economy is less efficient than it used to be.
  • Your vehicle’s idle is rough, or you feel strange engine vibrations.
  • Your check engine light blinks or flashes when you accelerate.
  • You have a diagnostic run on your engine because of the check engine light and it reveals a misfire code.

There may be other signs as well, but if you take your vehicle in for service, it’s best to replace all spark plugs at once. If you have a four-cylinder engine you will need four plugs, a six-cylinder means you have six plugs, and an eight-cylinder will need eight plugs.

Replacing Spark Plugs

If you notice any of the signs above, then bring your vehicle to our service center at Premier Hyundai of Seaside. Our technicians will remove the plugs from the cylinder head and will inspect each one to see if there are any signs of other engine problems. Once the plugs have been checked out, your plugs will be removed and replaced with new parts. Once the new plugs have been threaded into the cylinder head, your tech will take your vehicle out for a test drive to make sure that it is running well.

When you have your spark plug service done, go ahead and check with our tech to see if other services are needed, like brakes, tires, wheel alignment and balancing, or any other routine maintenance services, so we can get you safely on the road. Set up your appointment with Premier Hyundai of Seaside today!