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Service Benefits at Premier Hyundai of Seaside

If you’ve just financed your first vehicle, you might not be sure what you need when it comes to service. You’ll need to keep an eye on your windshield wipers, oil, tires, and more, as these are all important aspects of routine maintenance. This can be a lot to handle on your own, so when you need assistance, you’ll want to visit us at Premier Hyundai of Seaside, where our mechanics can help you. When your model is properly maintained, you’ll be able to take advantage of amazing benefits.

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Treat Your Model Like an Investment

When you buy a brand-new vehicle, it’ll inevitably depreciate over time. This can be annoying, as you’ll watch the value of your vehicle slowly dwindle unless it’s a rare model. While this can hurt your investment, there are ways to make sure that you retain more of your value over time. If your model’s parts are in good condition, you’ll often find that you have a higher resale value. With proper maintenance, you might be able to get more out of your sale.

Stay Safe on the Road

When you’re trying to make sure that your model is safe, service is a must. You aren’t going to want to get on the road with faulty brakes or broken windshield wipers. This can put both you and your passengers in harm’s way, as your vehicle might cause complications.

Get More Out of Your Model

If you finance your model only to have it break down on you three years later, you might still be stuck paying the car note. It’s important to take care of your model if you want it to last, and forgoing service will usually spell doom for your vehicle at some point. If you’re not sure when you’ve last had an oil change, it might be time to grab the dipstick and take inventory. If you want to make sure that your model lasts longer on the road and you’re near Watsonville, Seaside, or Monterey, you’ll want to visit us at Premier Hyundai of Seaside.


We Will Pick up and Return Your Vehicle for Service & Maintenance

When your vehicle needs service, you might not always know who to call, or where to turn. At Premier Hyundai of Seaside, you’ll be able to count on professionals who are always there when you need them most. If you’re currently experiencing trouble with your model, you can always give us a call.

  • What to do if your car won’t start: When your vehicle breaks down, it can be a scary experience. You might not be sure how to fix the problem. When you’re in need of help, our drivers can always come and tow your vehicle back to our service department for repairs.
  • We Fix Your Car and Bring it Back: If your model is having trouble, there’s a good chance that you’re in need of a qualified mechanic. Once your car reaches our dealership, depending on the time of day, our mechanics will be able to provide you with a quality repair. Whether it’s your starter or your transmission, we’ll be able to find the problem quickly and efficiently.
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Reduce the Chance of Outright Failure

When smoke starts to billow out of the hood of your model, you’ll probably be in for a rough series of repairs. This can be incredibly expensive, as you might have to fix multiple parts of your vehicle. When you want to make sure that your vehicle doesn’t get to this point, you’ll want to schedule routine service. Problems like overheating can often be solved preemptively by topping off your coolant or changing your oil. While problems might still happen on the road, you’ll be able to reduce the chance of it happening.

Watching Your Efficiency

Your model’s efficiency will slowly drop over time as lines get clogged and your engine ages. Without service, you might find that your model starts costing you a fortune at the gas station. If you want to restore some of its efficiency, you’ll want to schedule an appointment today. Something simple like a fuel line injection might save you a hefty amount of money over time.

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When you need to check on the state of your car, you’ll want to schedule your next service with Premier Hyundai of Seaside. Our mechanics can help you solve any problems that your vehicle might be experiencing.