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Best bakeries in Seaside

Sample the Best Bakeries in Seaside, CA

Can’t you just smell the delicious aroma of fresh bread or imagine the tantalizing taste of pastries just out of the oven? Maybe you’re looking for a place to make a cake for your special event. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find the perfect place at the best bakeries in Seaside.

Angelina’s Bakery-Deli & Café

Get it all here at Angelina’s with delicious baked goods and breakfast burritos. Pair it with coffee or tea to start your day off right. Come back for lunch with fresh sandwiches at the deli. This family-owned bakery has been around since 1998 and offers fresh goods each day. Have them make a cake designed especially for your special event. If you aren’t sure what to order, the staff are happy to make recommendations. While busy times may mean a wait, you’ll quickly discover it was worth it.

Palermo Bakery

Get fresh-baked bread every day here at Palermo. This bakery has been around since 1985 and provides a wide range of breads, including white, wheat and rye. Sourdough is available all year round while others may be specialty items for the season, such as panettone in the winter. The ciabatta bread is always a hit, and the prices are right to take home a variety.

Lupita’s Bakery

Enjoy the delicious flavors of a Mexican bakery with Lupita’s. You’ll find a wide range of breads, pastries and other items along with a juice bar for a complete meal. The donuts with chocolate topping are always a hit as well as the pan dulce. Get a complete meal with your favorite Mexican foods, like quesadillas and tamales. Another favorite is the morning glory bread, which is like a carrot cake with oats. Friendly staff make the experience memorable, and you’ll want to make this a regular stop.

Sweet Elena’s Bakery & Café

Visit Sweet Elena’s where everything is made from scratch and tastes like home cooking. Fresh ingredients are often local to support the community. In fact, the bakery likes to showcase local artists as well. This cozy place is where you should go for amazing food and beautiful art. As a French style bakery, you’ll experience a variety of options, including pastries, cookies, cakes and pies. Order sandwiches, soups and salads for lunch or a quiche, which is a favorite with locals.

Paris Bakery Café

Another French bakery, you are sure to want to try one of the many croissants. The chocolate croissant is a favorite along with the almond croissant. If you prefer savory, you’ll want to sample the ham and cheese croissant. The bakery is also popular for custom ordered cakes, even those with little notice. From princess cakes to wedding cakes, everything is designed to order.

You’ll quickly discover you don’t have to travel far for fabulous flavors at the local bakeries. Whether you want breakfast, lunch or a snack, or you’re looking for something special, try one of these bakeries in Seaside.
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