Benefits of Owning A Hybrid/EV in California

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Electric Vehicles in Seaside, CA



When shopping for a new vehicle in California, you might be thinking about going hybrid or even an electric vehicle. But sadly, many drivers fail to follow through with this good intention. We all know that gasoline engines are damaging our air, oceans, and the land we love. But it can be hard to take that first step in making such a significant change. But fortunately, the state is helping to encourage residents to purchase green vehicles with some very attractive and lucrative benefits and rebates. So before you decide that you are not ready to join this worthy cause, check out some of the offers you could be taking advantage of for extra cash and other perks.

No More Sitting In Gridlock

Few places on the planet have more traffic issues than California. Sitting in traffic can account for hours of your day wasted. But as the driver of a hybrid or electric vehicle, you could have unlimited access to the HOV lane. You don’t need passengers or a carpool. And you don’t need to worry about a costly ticket. Just purchase a vehicle that meets the minimum emissions standard and join the moving vehicles in the Diamond Lane!

There Is Free Parking

They say that nothing in life is free. But in San Jose, Sacramento, Hermosa Beach, and Santa Maria, parking is free if you drive a qualified fuel-efficient vehicle. And because this program has become very popular, there is hope that it will expand to cover MontereySalinas, and Pacific Grove very soon.

 Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Car insurance is just one of those necessary evils that we all must face. But you could get a nice discount on your insurance when you buy a new Sonata HybridIoniq EV, or Kona Electric. In California, many insurance companies offer drivers a discount for their environmentally conscious vehicles. When you speak to your insurance agent, be sure to ask about all of the popular savings, including:

  • Hybrid Discount
  • Alternative Fuel Discount
  • Economy Vehicle Discount
  • Low Mileage Discount

Save A Ton Of Money

All of the customers at Premier Hyundai of Seaside are excited when they earn about the fantastic incentives offered to buyers ready to go green. But most are only aware of one or maybe two programs. Ask your sales expert for any additional information you need about the following outstanding financial incentives to purchase a hybrid or all-electric Hyundai.

  • Federal Tax Credit- A tax credit of $2,500 to $7,500 could be yours just for buying a new hybrid or EV.
  • Clean Vehicle Rebate Project- This program offers up to $7,000 in rebate savings to drivers who purchase eligible electric vehicles and fall into the low to moderate household income range.
  • Local Rebates And Incentive Programs- The state has created a list of benefits offered to residents who are doing their part to drive clean.

To learn more about the benefits of hybrid or electric car ownership, visit Premier Hyundai of Seaside.