America’s Best Warranty

Hyundai Warranty

America’s Best Warranty at Premier Hyundai of Seaside

Hyundai models offer reliable transportation and value for the money with every model. With America’s best warranty, you have even more confidence in this brand and what it can offer for your transportation needs.


Standard on Every New Hyundai

Hyundai offers great warranties on their product for more reasons than customer peace of mind. It’s also about Hyundai’s commitment to quality, reliability, and dependability. Nine different warranties are offered on Hyundai vehicles, they include:

  • 10-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty
  • 5-year/60,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty
  • 7-year/unlimited mile Anti-Perforation Warranty
  • 5-year/unlimited miles 24-hour Roadside Assistance
  • 12-month/12,000-mile Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty
  • 8-year/80,000-mile Federal Emission Defect and Performance Warranty
  • 7-year/70,000-mile California Emissions Control Systems Warranty
  • 2012-2019 Lifetime Hybrid/Electric Battery Warranty
  • 10-year/100,000-mile Hybrid System Component Warranty

10-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty

This warranty covers the replacement or repair of powertrain components, like selected engine/transaxle components and selected engine components and other components that were initially built and installed by Hyundai that have material or factory workmanship defects from normal use. Only the original owner is covered by this warranty, effective since the 2004 model year to present. Coverage includes the original owner and extends to an immediate family member. Subsequent owners only have powertrain coverage included in the 5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle warranty, which excludes vehicles for commercial use.

5-year/60,000-Mile New Vehicle Warranty

Hyundai’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty comes into play for replacement or repair on manufactured components initially installed by Hyundai with material or workmanship defects under normal use and maintenance. Parts and components may have additional limited warranties, so check your warranty manual for details. Components in this warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • Radio and Audio
  • Paint
  • Battery
  • Air Conditioning
  • And other components, check the manual for details

7-year/Unlimited Miles Anti-Perforation Warranty

This warranty starts with model year 2005 and covers perforation (rust hole through the body panel from inside to outside) resulting from corrosion of the original Hyundai sheet metal panels due to defective material and/or factory workmanship, listed as normal use and maintenance, but excludes surface corrosion.

5-year/Unlimited Mile Roadside Assistance

This coverage begins from the date the vehicle is delivered to the first retail buyer or put into service whichever is earliest, so check the warranty manual for details of services included in this warranty.

12-Month/12,000-mile Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty

This warranty covers the replacement and repair of any genuine Hyundai replacement parts or accessories supplied by Hyundai. This means all genuine Hyundai parts and accessories purchased from an authorized Hyundai dealer and Hyundai parts that have been installed by an authorized Hyundai dealer.

California and Federal Emissions Warranties

The Federal warranty is good for 8-year/80,000 miles and the California Emissions Warranty is good for 7-year/70,000 miles. Federal warranty includes the following components:

  • Onboard Emissions Diagnostic Device
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Engine Control Module

If your vehicle was built according to California specifications, the warranty includes repair and replacement of Hyundai-specific emissions components. This warranty is in addition to the 5-year/60,000-mile New Vehicle Warranty.

Hybrid, All-Electric, Plug-in, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Warranty

Alternative-fuel-type vehicles have a Lifetime Warranty in place for 2012-2019 batteries, and a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty for specific components that relate to hybrid, electric, plug-in and fuel cell alternative fuel cell components. Check your manual for specific details.

Premier Hyundai of Seaside stands by the Hyundai warranties that are in place for all new Hyundai models. Come by our dealership to explore America’s Best Warranty and how it applies to your new 2022 Hyundai vehicle.