Automotive A/C Service in Seaside, CA

Car A/C Service Near Seaside, CA

Automotive A/C Service at Premier Hyundai of Seaside

When temperatures rise, you want to be cool and comfortable in your Hyundai vehicle. You want to make sure that you can stay cool in the heat of summer and that means making sure that the A/C in your vehicle is ready to go when the heat comes. So, schedule a time to have your A/C serviced at Premier Hyundai of Seaside.


Reasons to Have AC Service

You want to have a working air conditioner so you can stay cool. When your A/C goes out, not only do you lose the ability to have a comfortable ride on hot summer days in Monterey and Salinas, but if your coolant leaks it can harm the environment. It can also damage your evaporator and compressor. Our service experts at Premier Hyundai of Seaside can check out the A/C system to see if there are any problems, or fix ones that exist.

Can I Tell if there is an AC Problem?

There are three telltale signs that your AC may have a problem:

  • Your A/C is blowing out hot air- This can mean a problem. When water gets into your A/C system, it mixes with refrigerant and creates a strong acid that eats away at A/C components.
  • There is a strange smell- A weird smell coming from your A/C can mean that there is mold and/or mildew in the system, indicating that water got into the system. It could be a filter needs to be changed or that a drain in the evaporator is blocked.
  • You have a weak airflow- too much moisture in the evaporator core can precipitate the building up of mold and debris that is blocking airflow.

If you have noticed one of these issues, don’t worry. Our automotive professionals at Premier Hyundai of Seaside can figure out the problem with a performance check.

Why Routine Maintenance?

Over time A/C fittings can loosen up, O-rings, hoses, and seals wear out and your cool air stops flowing. A/C service can help detect potential problems before they become major issues, such as low refrigerant that stops cooling your cabin properly.

The best recommendation is to check your owner’s manual because your manufacturer has specified recommendations. On average, your air conditioner should be thoroughly checked at least once a year.

What Happens During A/C Service?

Our technicians will inspect the A/C system’s performance and controls, then conduct a charge test. If a repair or recharge is warranted, the technician will go over what needs to be done. If a recharge is needed because the refrigerant is low, the technician will top off your refrigerant. If it is the annual maintenance service, the tech will empty the old refrigerant and replace it as needed.

If you have never had your A/C serviced, schedule an appointment with Premier Hyundai of Seaside and let our highly trained service agents inspect the A/C in your vehicle and discuss with you any repairs that may be needed. We want you to be properly cool on those hot summer days, so stop by or call for your routine A/C service today!